My name is Kirsten LaShure. I am 23-years-young. I am a photographer, or at least that’s the reason for this blog. I have been into photography for a while now, however, I just recently have gotten serious about it. My boyfriend, who is a huge supporter, bought me my first DSLR (an used Nikon D40) for Christmas 2013) and I have rarely went anywhere without it since. I have yet to explore the wonderful world that is flash-photography, but I will get there.
I am also a writer, reader and an archer. live in Southern Indiana and enjoy the company of toddlers.
I have been talking about making a blog for my photography for quite some time now. I’ve been debating on where to start. I created a ‘Flickr’ and have yet to see the results I was hoping for from it. I also have an ‘Instagram’, but that’s more of a personal website, which lately I have been using more and more for my photography. So (FINALLY!) I broke down and decided that it’s time to do this; at least for my photography. I want to get it out there: less for publicity and more for (constructive) criticism. Although, I wont complain about the publicity either.
I have a nine year old (dog), a boyfriend, a few best friends and some pretty awesome humans that I get to call family. I am probably the biggest Harry Potter fan a person could be, in fact, he has his own shelf dedicated to him in my room.   I like festivals, fairs, theme parks, and anything where there is large groups of people.


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  1. Brad and I would love to have another session with you while there is snow on the ground, if you can get ahold of me so we can set something up!! 👍:D


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