Beautiful Every Time.

Yet another successful shoot with Miss Haily has come and gone. I’m so excited about these photos, and I get to say, yet again, this is my favorite one so far. We each get better every time. It’s so fascinating to see us grow as a team, because I know what she wants from her photographer, and she knows  what I want from my model. She’s so fun, and these shoots always bring us closer together. I did some new things with Lightroom this go round, and I really like the new edits. Portraits-5 new computer-68
Portraits-12 Portraits-14 Portraits-15 Portraits-18 Portraits-26 Portraits-37 Portraits-39 Portraits-47 Portraits-53
Portraits-52 Portraits-38 Portraits-9 Portraits-25
Portraits-6 Portraits-20 Portraits-24 Portraits-27 Portraits-28 Portraits-36 Portraits-49 Portraits-54 Portraits-55


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